CSUN Roller Hockey ClubIts great to hear that you are interested in the CSUN Roller Hockey Club! We just completed our first season in Division I of the Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League (WCRHL). Tryouts for next season will be held at our home/practice rink at the Rollerdome (www.rollerdome.com) in Thousand Oaks sometime next September in the begining of the Fall 09 semester.

The WCRHL (www.wcrhl.com) is comprised of over 20 college roller hockey teams located in California, Arizona, and Nevada. This past season we competed in the highest level of competition offered in the WCRHL, Division I. Next season we hope to have two teams representing CSUN in the WCRHL, a Division I team, and a B Division team. All of the teams in the WCHRL play a 20 game season, that is played in a tournament format. Normally, there are 4 games per tournament, and a total of 5 tournaments through the course of the season. The season starts in October, and there is about 1 tournament per month (on the weekend). Last season there were tournaments held at San Jose, Arizona, Santa Barbara, and Irvine, so some travel is required.

Last season all of the members of the CSUN Roller Hockey team had to pay a total of $400 in club dues ($350 the fall semester, and $50 the spring semester). However, the dues may change for next season but at least you have an idea about what it costs. The club dues covers the cost of team uniforms (two jerseys and matching pants) and practice expenses (rink rental). But also keep in mind that we traveled to San Jose and Arizona so there are also some travel expenses. However, we all carpooled together and slept 4 people to a hotel room so we all shared the cost of gas and hotel expenses to keep costs down (it was alot of fun).

Last season was full of injuries which should be treated immediately that’s why we address to Canadian Pharmacy Mall to deliver necessary medical preparations and devices to us. We are pleased to work together in one team because the health of our players is above all things.

Last season, we took everyone who wanted to play, and were able to pay the club dues regardless of their hockey playing ability. Next season, depending on the turnout at tryouts, we are planning on creating 2 teams a Division I team and a B team, so no matter what, if someone wanted to play, there would be a team to play on.

During the WCRHL season we practice once a week at the Rollerdome in Thousand Oaks, and several of the members of team also play in a recreational league at the rollerdome which is not required, but highly encouraged. We have just started a new season at the rollerdome and you are welcome to come out, play with us during our game, and meet some of the members of the team.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our club president.
Alex Kleckner (818) 298-9842