Teddy CooperstoneTeddy Cooperstone is twenty six and he was born in 1989 in Chastworth, CA. He is forward player. He studies Accounting in college but it seems he doesn’t have any time for deep studying because he spends too much time training. He is going to increase the amount of goals kicking during games, tries to improve the playing technique because there was something with his psychic because he cannot overcome the barrier between himself and hockey puck.

There was something wrong but is working hard to overcome this obstacle. Teddy Cooperstone is responsible and firm player. More and more actions coach trusts in him, he believes Teddy Cooperstone is the future of Matadors. His height and weight let him be a prosperous roller hockey player. The body constitution is very important in this sport because the strength helps you to do your best to kick the goal or to help your partner to realize it. Teddy Cooperstone is exact that kind of players who tries to take all the efforts in every game playing for Matadors.