Matt MiddioneMatt Middione is forward of Matadors of Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League (WCRHL). He is twenty nine years old and he was born and has lived all his life in Northridge, CA. He considers his college, his team to be his cup of tea. It gives him everything he wishes namely knowledge, sport activity, satisfaction of the feelings of been pleasant.

He studies Economics and believes it will help him to prolong his career after he stops hockey playing. His body constitution is suitable for roller hockey playing, his weight is 135 lbs and height – 5′ 7″. His game percentage is twenty one but his PIM is twenty minutes for two matches really speaking it is too much but it is not the main problem of course. He is good at board space orientation, at speed rolling and it helps him to overcome all the fights with his opponents. But once he was severe injured that’s why the doctors had to apply all the necessary methods and preparations ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall for immediate treatment. It is lucky that the majority of hockey players are health and strongs young men who are able to restore quick the energy and the organism after injuries.