Josh RodnerJosh Rodner is one more goaltender of Matadors. He is twenty six and was born in Agoura Hills, CA. He is the first year student that’s why it becomes possible for him to pass the filter to the team.

Really speaking he has being playing ice hockey for five years but after the college entrance he has to change the living place that’s why he stops his career. But college gives him an opportunity to start playing hockey again but a roller one. It is a known fact that th half of the win happens due to efforts of goaltender that’s why they try to do their best to win together with the team. Josh Rodner’ s father was a ice hockey player and rather famous in Canada. This was a motivation for him to be the same as father but it turns out he is successful in roller hockey than in ice hockey as his father.

More and more young people as Josh Rodner try to go in for sport especially in hockey but not all of them has enough talent, willpower and energy to be a professional ice hockey player that’s why roller hockey is like an alternative to this amazing but cruel sport.