Mitchell JohnsonMitchell Johnson is a forward and the most successful season for him was the season of 2009-2010. His game percentage was twenty and he was able to kick six goals. He is twenty seven and he is from Burbank, CA. His height and weight are 5′ 9″ and 135 lbs respectively.

He studies Mechanical Engineering at college and takes an active part in sport activity of Matadors team. For being successful in roller hockey you should work hard and only in this case it will become possible to win cups in different leagues with different teams. But nowadays Mitchell Johnson is a part of Matadors and he is trying to do his best to receive benefit for the team in general. He knows his true purpose is to play hockey and doesn’t matter what kind of this game ice or roller.

Independent on his abilities he will be prolong playing roller hockey and after college. He sets a goal for yourself to become a famous roller hockey player that’s why now he is working hard to realize it. Mitchell Johnson is an universal player who helps in every position on the board because he believes nothing will happen and change without any efforts.