Chase PestanoChase Pestano was born in 1990 in Oak Park, CA. He is twenty five now and playing roller hockey on the forward position. His physical characteristics are height – 5′ 8″, weight – 130 lbs.

He is a student and specializes with Business, Finance and Accounting but his heart is devoted to roller hockey. He began his career in this college but in childhood he has played ice hockey for five years. Nowadays he has not played any game at all for Matadors but he is going to be involved in the next game of Matadors. It is rather difficult to predicate whether he will kick the goal immediately or not but it is a fact he will be useful for the team.

The coach selects players with careful accuracy because the status of game is dependent on the players qualification. Chase Pestano is the part of this team which is going to win the cup. Roller hockey like ice hockey as well is a very dangerous game that’s why the players command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall. Moreover nowadays it is possible to get discount due to Canadian Health&Care Mall discount coupon.