Alex KlecknerAlex Kleckner is a forward player of Matadors. He is playing the roller hockey of Western College League. He is twenty seven. His hometown is Burbank, CA. His weight is 5′ 11″ and height is 162 lbs.

He investigate Urban Policy Studies and really speaking he is ready to devote his spare time from roller hockey to studying. Roller hockey demand to take much time, energy and efforts. As any forward it is very important for him to kick goals as much as possible.

In season 2009-2010 his GP (Game Percentage) is twenty and the practicality coefficient is positive that’s why we may judge he is useful for team Matadors. Matadors is moment of glory of his sport career. He trues to kick the goal in every match but sometimes it is possible that’s why he uses any effort how to help his team to reach a win. Alex Kleckner with his game percentage is able to be the main forward of Matadors. It is very important to have the leader who will reach the main goals and Alex Kleckner may become such leader of a wholesome team.