Bronchial AsthmaBronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory airways disorder which is manifested in dyspnea, cough and suffocation attacks. It happens because of excessive reaction of airways on different allergens. To protect itself from these allergens airways narrow and perform great amount of mucus, as a result it destroys the normal air flow while breathing.

Bronchial asthma is met at people of different ages, but most frequent it happens at children. Nowadays more that three hundred million people worldwide suffer from this disorder and this number increases. In relation with the increased amount of asthma sufferers, its ability to decrease working capacity, there work out different programmes fighting against this disorder. You may treat bronchial asthma if you buy dexamethasone 1 mg via Canadian Health Care Mall to prevent asthma attacks. Of course it is a known fact that asthma is a chronic disorder but its attacks may be arrested and medical preparations help to relieve the unpleasant feelings.

Chronic inflammation which is observed in patients suffering from asthma, makes the airways sensitive to different kinds of allergens, chemical substances and tobacco smoke. When there are such substances the edema of bronchus and bronchial spasm appear, at this moment bronchial mucus is allocated in greater amount.

Depending on the reason of asthma attacks appearance we may distinguish asthma with the prevalence of allergic component and non-allergic asthma. To understand that asthma is with prevalence of allergic component we may realize if the attack occurs because of a direct contact with allergens such as dust, fur, pollen and etc or attacks have a seasonal character. Such kind of asthma is followed by such symptoms as running nose, vegetative dystonia and urticaria fever. Start treatment of asthma immediately just buy dexamethasone 1 mg via Canadian Health Care Mall and you will witness the positive effect faster as you may envision.

Suffering from non-allergic asthma the airways are too sensitive. Any allergen causes the bronchial spasm which arrests the air flow and make such feeling appear as cough and suffocation. The symptoms of bronchial asthma may be observed after the physical exercises. In such cases this disorder s known as exercise-induced asthma.

The characteristic features of asthma are cough, expiratory dyspnea, wheezing and suffocation. Cough may be repeated, painful and prolonging. Cough may worsen during sleeping, during making physical exercises or when you breath a cold air. Expiratory dyspnea means inability to breath out the air.

Having an acute or chronic bronchial asthma a person breathes through the mouth using for relief shoulders and neck to breathe easier. Moreover when the airways are narrowed it is easier to inspire than expire. It happens because breath is a habitual for our organism and breast muscles are exercised to perform this function. But expiration flows passively without any special efforts at all that’s why the muscles are not exercised enough to perform this function automatically. As a result air is left in lungs and they become sentinel.

Asthma is a dangerous disorder but its attacks may be taken under control. Do not remember to check out the website of Canadian Health Care Mall and find interesting facts about asthma there.

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